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How does WSO2 ELB pull information from a Cloud Service Cluster (IaaS) such as OpenStack in order to perform auto-scaling? Does WSO2 ELB make use of any Cloud Service Cluster internally? If it does, what IaaS vendor is implemented out-of-the-box?

Does WSO2 even pull any information at all? Does it just require the host machines to be in a cluster in order for the worker/manager or auto-scaling algorithm to work?

Thanks for explaining.

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WSO2 ELB supports IaaS integration using jclouds APIs. Theoretically this means we can support any IaaS that is supported by jclouds. Currently we provide support for AWS EC2 and Openstack-nova IaaS providers. Please read more info on autoscaling using WSO2 ELB from here.

Download our latest release (WSO2 ELB 2.0.3) from our product page.

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