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I have a text file similar to this (separated by spaces):

x <- "DF12 This is an example 1 This
DF12 This is an 1232 This is
DF14 This is 12334 This is an
DF15 This 23 This is an example

and I know the field lengths of each variable (there is 5 variables in this data set), which are:

varlength <- c(2, 2, 18, 5, 18)

How can I import this kind of data into R, using the varlength variable as an field separator indicator?

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Cross posting is rude because people in one community don't see the answers from the other. –  hadley Sep 8 '09 at 14:04

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Per Barry Rowlingson on r-help (where you seem to have cross-posted):


Read Fixed Width Format Files


 Read a table of *f*ixed *w*idth *f*ormatted data into a


 read.fwf(file, widths, header = FALSE, sep = "\t",
          skip = 0, row.names, col.names, n = -1,
          buffersize = 2000, ...)
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