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Let's explain the enviroment.

I'm building a GUI using pygtk. At some point of my code I create a gtk.ScrolledWindow and set it a name (here the code):

top_swin = gtk.ScrolledWindow()

Later on other part of the code I need to look for this widget so I have tried this:


self.gui is a gtk.Builder object, it was build from a XML file created with Glade. This line is returning None, so I though that it could be that get_object() can only be used to look for objects DEFINED ON THE GLADE FILE (note that the scrolled window is being created programatically in the code, no with Glade). I tried then the gtk.Buildable.get_internal_child() method but this time I had problems using it because the documentation says that the first parameter is a gtk.Builder (so I passed my self.gui) but then I got this:

    swin = gtk.Buildable.get_internal_child(self.gui, 'script-desc-swin')
TypeError: descriptor 'get_internal_child' requires a 'gtk.Buildable' object but received a 'gtk.Builder'

So I tried calling get_internal_child as if it were a method of gtk.Builder (even though I checked first the documentation and realized that gtk.Builder don't implement gtk.Buildable... anyway I tried):

    swin = self.gui.get_internal_child('script-desc-swin')
AttributeError: 'gtk.Builder' object has no attribute 'get_internal_child'

Of course I get this, as I said gtk.Builder (self.gui) doesn't implement gtk.Buildable.

After all this mess I have no idea about how to look for the scrolled window (or any other widget) so what I'm doing is look for a widget specified in the XML file (in other words, created with Glade), and then I get its child/children and repeting this process. This is like "OMFG! WHAT A CRAPPY CODE!" so even with my application running I really want to change that ugly code:

box = self.gui.get_object('MAIN_VIEW_BOX')
hpaned = box.get_children()[1]
hpaned2 = hpaned.get_child2()
swin = hpaned2.get_child1()

A box containing an hpaned containing as the second child another hpaned containing as the first child THE SCROLLED WINDOW.

Almost sure the answer will be quite simple... :-s


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I can't completely understand what you want to do.. please describe it better –  HappyHacking Dec 18 '12 at 14:03
I'm sorry about my english. The question is, how can I look for a widget by its name using pygtk? –  Ole Dec 18 '12 at 15:13

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