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Here is my rules method:

public function rules() { 
  $newRules = array( 
    array('password_verification, valid_from, valid_until', 'required'),                
    array('password_verification', 'length', 'min'=>6, 'max'=>32), 
    array('password_verification', 'compare', 'compareAttribute'=>'password'), 
    array('username, email', 'length', 'min'=>3,'max'=>255),
    array('password', 'length','min'=>6, 'max'=>32), array('username, email', 'unique'), 
    array('email', 'email'), array('id, type, username, password, email, valid_from, valid_until', 'safe'), 
  return array_merge($newRules,parent::rules()); 

And here is my view (fields which give a hard time):

<div class="row">
  <?php echo $form->labelEx($user,'password_verification',array('label'=>'Verification mot de passe','class'=>'forsys-label')); ?>
  <?php echo $form->passwordField($user,'password_verification',array('size'=>30,'maxlength'=>32)); ?>
  <?php echo $form->error($user,'password_verification') ?>

<div class="row">
   <?php echo $form->labelEx($user,'valid_from',array('label'=>'Valide depuis le','class'=>'forsys-label')); ?>
   <?php echo $form->dateField($user,'valid_from'); ?>
   <?php echo $form->error($user,'valid_from'); ?>
<div class="row">
   <?php echo $form->labelEx($user,'valid_until',array('label'=>"Valide jusqu'au",'class'=>'forsys-label')); ?>
   <?php echo $form->dateField($user,'valid_until'); ?>
   <?php echo $form->error($user,'valid_until'); ?>

Some informations:

  • enableClientValidation and enableAjaxValidation are both at true
  • datefield is a costum method. It's not where the problem come from (a colleague use it in the same way I use it without this problem).

My Problem:

For "valid_until" and "valid_from" errors are not displayed on the HTML. If I let "password_verification" empty, when I change the focus an error appears (because of ajaxValidation onChange), but none errors if I let "valid_until" or "valid_from" empty.

But these errors are noticed by Yii, I can see them in firebug if I check the ajax request response.

So if all fields are empty, nothing will be created in DB because of 3 errors, but only one (password_validation) will be displayed.

If any body have an idea, you're welcome :)

Sorry for my approximate english

Thank you for read me, have a good day.


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I would suggest that you check the name that your custom method dateField() applies to the generated input field. If your model name is User, then the field name should be User[valid_from] and User[valid_until]. This would let the AR class carry out the validation using $this->valid_from and $this->valid_until –  ragingprodigy Dec 19 '12 at 11:18

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You have these attributes marked as "safe" in the last rule. Probably that's the reason. Remove that rule or add a scenario for it (usually attributes are declared as safe on 'search' scenario - e.g. add 'on'=>'search' element to that rule).

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