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             echo $form->input('field', array(
		    'type' => 'radio','legend'=>$r['Attribute']['label'],

		    'separator' => '--separator--',
		    'options' => array() 

How to query inside options to retrieve the options from the database for this corresponding Field.. like sending its attribute_id by $r['Attribute']['id'] and fetching the cooresponding choices for that attribute.. I have tried it with Ajax post like

                             var ht = $.ajax({
                                              type: "GET",
                                              url: "http://localhost/FormBuilder/index.php/forms/viewChoices/"+attribute_id,
                                                                 async: false

               var myObject = eval('(' + ht + ')');

var data = myObject;var j=0;
 $.map(data.choices, function(i){ j++; alert(i.choice);

return i.choice;});

And it returns me the choices in the i.choice.. but i dont know how to place this inside the options array... Please suggest me....

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duplicate: stackoverflow.com/questions/1393164/… –  deizel Sep 10 '09 at 13:04

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you are not supposed to do that in view. do it in the controller and pass it to the view file.

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hi i have used an ajax post and fetched that choices for that corresponding Attribute id but dont know how to fix it options –  Jasmine Sep 9 '09 at 4:30

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