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Is there a way to turn HTML + CSS code into a pdf so it does not look like printing a webpage?

So far I have been exporting my pages to pdf using page-break-before and the likes from the browser. But I get awful margins and it is far too browser specific. I am looking for the same look and feel you get from Latex or Powerpoint presentation exports: well centered, proper margins, custom page size.

Any idea of a script that exports a properly formatted html page to pdf?

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There is a tool called wkhtmltopdf that will convert HTML and CSS to PDF with a simple command line call. This tool can be used manually or placed in a script of some sort to run with a button click or what have you. I've used it in PHP like so:

$cmd = "/path/to/wkhtmltopdf /path/to/sourceHTML.html /path/to/outputPDF.pdf";
$output = shell_exec($cmd);

It's very easy to use and extremely powerful for creating reports. You can download it here:

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You might try LibreOffice, but results may vary.

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