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Hi I have prepared a program using VBA in Excel in order to get properties of a selected section from a table which contains the properties of various sections. The proper is whenever I a new row or column or even cell the target sheet my complete VBA program is becoming worthless. Can someone suggest me how the program is automatically updated when a row or column or cell is inserted or deleted.

For example in the spreadsheet itself we write a formula in one of the cells and if you insert new row above it then the formula automatically updates with new addresses of the cells included in the formula.

Hope I am clear about expressing my doubt.


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Not very clear... From what I understand, you don't need VBA for that. A basic training on how to write formulae will suffice. Search the web for "excel Absolute relative reference" –  iDevlop Dec 18 '12 at 15:31

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Sounds like you want the cell reference in your program to remain the same, even if the cell moves.

To do this, you will need to use Named ranges.

You will then have to change your program from using Range("A1") to Range("NamedArea")

The named ranges will be updated when the spreadsheet changes, so the reference will remain correct

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