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I have a simple homework assignment, I'm making a simple UI (not GUI) and I'm using scanner for input.

I want to read 3 strings (Name, address, social security number)

If the user however does not insert anything simply presses enter, my code breaks. Instead of the 3 strings I need, I get more strings and they miss match.

Scanner input = new Scanner(;
if (input.hasNext()) {
    name = input.nextLine(); 
Scanner input = new Scanner(;
if (input.hasNext()) {
    address = input.nextLine(); 
Scanner input = new Scanner(;
if (input.hasNext()) {
    ssnumb = input.nextLine(); 

So if user presses enter, creates a new line character, the input spills. How can I either avoid this or eliminate empty lines ?





some number

I would have:


Address: Nick

Social Security Number: Mars

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Something like this:

Scanner input = new Scanner(;
while(! { // only when you enter literal string 
//do your scanner stuff here
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Thank you, it worked! – Kalec Dec 18 '12 at 15:03
you are welcome :) – PermGenError Dec 18 '12 at 15:04


Scanner input = new Scanner(;
String name = "";
while(name.trim().isEmpty()) {
    name =;
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