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My application has 2 view controllers. The first one has only one button to call the second view controller full of animations. While running instruments with allocations, it starts with 12000 in the #living slot. After dismissing the second view controller the #living count never returns to 12000 again. It keeps 18000. In the third pass it goes up to 24000. I am using iOS 6 and arc. Shouldn't arc take care of freeing memory? Any clues about these extra 6000 every time I dismiss the second view controller and, supposedly, everything inside it?

Thank you

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ARC handles the retain and release for you. It does not prevent, detect or resolve cycles - that is, where any object A retains B which also retains A (or any variation thereof, with longer chains of objects). Rather than you or I guessing where this comes from, you can use Instruments to find the cycle(s) - see for example this earlier Stackoverflow post. There's also lots of reading material out there on the Interwebs about retain cycles (e.g. Mike Ash's blog).

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