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VisualStudio 2008 has a few options when it comes to ASP_Folders (ASP_GlobalResources, ASP_LocalResources, ASP_DATA, etc). I have a few dependency DLLs like (DotNetOpenAuth) that I will like to store in SVN so that when people checkout the solution they don't have to install anything in their development machine.

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The correct folder is the Bin folder. Anyways it's not recommended to add this to your SVN repository. A common approach is to add an extra folder which you could call lib, where you store the dll's that are required for a successful build of your application.

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The correct ASP.NET folder for DLL's would be the Bin folder.

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I generally store references in a lib folder that is a sibling to the source folder. The parent to both those folders is the root for that project. Something like this:


Visual Studio will store the references as relative paths (....\lib\reference.dll) so version control should not be an issue.

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