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Using dojo 1.8.1...Using the Standby Widget to show processing while the server is busy doing it's thing with an AJAX request.

I've created a dojox.widget.Standby object problematically and it works perfectly the first time I .show() or .hide() it. The second time I try to .show() it, it appears but the spinner is not spinning..Animated .gif trouble??

How can I keep the spinner spinning when a button is clicked for a second or more times??


What my app is doing is displaying data in a dojo DataGrid object for the user to select. The selection are xmit'd to the server with an AJAX request and the server returns a file name that the user can download or open (.csv file). I use the following javascript to create the open/save dialog on the client side:

  window.location.assign(path); //Open save/open dialog

If I comment out this line, then the spinner works on every click of the button.

2nd UPDATE....

Added hidden iframe HTML:

 <iframe src="" style="display: none;" id="ifr"></iframe>

When I received the path to the downloadable file from the server I use this to pop the dialog box and download:

 window.document.getElementById("ifr").src=path;  //Where path is location of downloadable file

Now, everything looks smooth for the downloadable file dialog and more clicks on the button keep the spinner spinning...

Thanks @Frode for providing the answer to this problem...

require(["dojox/widget/Standby", "dojo/domReady!"],
function(Standby) {
  var standby = new Standby({
      id: "standbyObj",
      target: "standby",
      color: "transparent",
      zindex: "auto",
      duration: "1000"

Later when a button is clicked:

var standObj = dijit.byId("standbyObj");
if (standObj) {

...Server Processing AJAX request....

After processing completes:

var standObj = dijit.byId("standbyObj");
if (standObj) {

This all works great but if the button is clicked again the spinner shows but is not spinning.

Other stuff:


   position: absolute;
   top: 50%;
   margin-top: -16px;
   margin-left: -16px;


<div id="standby"></div>
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Do you get any javascript errors? –  Kevin Brydon Dec 18 '12 at 16:36
No JavaScript errors. It show and hides the spinner properly on each click, but the second or more times the button is clicked, the spinner is not spinning. –  GoinOff Dec 18 '12 at 16:39
Can you post a full code example of it not working? It may be that there is something going on in another part of your code. Also gives the rest of SO something to work with. –  Kevin Brydon Dec 18 '12 at 16:42
I tried reproducing this, but couldn't. I have a working example at jsfiddle.net/cswing/253Te Maybe it can help troubleshoot. –  Craig Swing Dec 18 '12 at 16:47
A hidden iframe seems to work pretty well. I managed to reproduce it in a fiddle, just replace the urls with a real downloadable file. fiddle.jshell.net/froden/Jb7Ar (uncomment the iframe line to see how that works.. seems ok to me). –  Frode Dec 18 '12 at 19:05
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The solution to this problem is as follows:

Create in invisible iframe:

 <iframe src="" style="display: none;" id="ifr"></iframe>

When the server answers a AJAX request with a path to a downloadable file, display an open/save dialog box in the clients web browser by using the following javascript:

 window.document.getElementById("ifr").src=path;  //Where path is location of downloadable file

Not only does this look good, but the Standby spinner will keep spinning upon multiple button clicks.

Thanks a bunch @Frode for providing the solution to the problem.. 8)

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