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Average and Case in SQL

I am using SQL Server 2008 and trying to generate a report and the following code does not produce the desired results which gives me 2 lines rather than one. The ScoreTypeID could have values of 22, 52, 3 or 4 . if it is 22 or 52, I need the average and if not I need to show 0. Any idea what may be the problem ? Thanks.

CASE WHEN FAS1.ScoreTypeID = 22 THEN avg(fas1.totalscore)  
    WHEN FAS1.ScoreTypeID = 52 THEN avg(fas1.totalscore)   ELSE 0    
END  AS   'Total Score',   
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post your result and your exact code –  nayef harb Dec 18 '12 at 15:55
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You haven't shown us rest of the query, in general this should work;

CASE WHEN FAS1.ScoreTypeID IN (22,52) THEN avg(fas1.totalscore) 
     ELSE 0 END AS 'Total Score',  

Or ;

ISNULL( AVG( case when FAS1.ScoreTypeID in (22,52) then fas1.totalscore
      else null end), 0) as 'Total Score',
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Not sure what output you want. If just 1 row:

AVG(CASE WHEN FAS1.ScoreTypeID IN (22, 52) THEN fas1.totalscore
         ELSE 0 END) AS 'Total Score',

If 2 rows: (1 row for 22, 1 for 52)

SELECT FAS1.ScoreTypeID, AVG(fas1.totalscore) FROM ...
WHERE FAS1.ScoreTypeID IN (22, 52)
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Actually I am just looking for one row. the code that you provided was very helpful. –  user1860212 Mar 21 '13 at 19:23

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