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I have a SQL Query :

  SELECT * FROM Customer c
  LEFT JOIN  Invoice I ON  I.InvcNum = C.Cust_InvcNum

some thing changed and the join does not work because there is no consistency in the data in the 'Cust_InvcNum'. So now when it does not find the record for the join or if it is null it needs to check for another condition.

 LEFT JOIN Invoice I ON I.InvcNum = (SELECT p.InvcPrefix FROM Prefix WHERE p.DealerID = I.DealrID )  + '-' + I.InvcNum

second join I do works but it is taking too long for it get me data. Is there any other way to do this.

Earlier it used to be

Join on I.InvcNum = C.Cust_InvcNum
both the columns has the same data like DlrCd-InvcNum i.e both the columns 1234-A789 but not it could match on the above data or now the column 'InvcNum' in invoice table can be populated like Dlrd-InvcNum or InvcPrefix-InvcNum

So InvcNum = 1234-A789 but CustNum = I94-A789 so we need to check if the for InvoicePrefix-InvcNum

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Can you post some of the sample data that you are trying to join on? It might be easier to understand what you are trying to do. –  bluefeet Dec 18 '12 at 16:12
This can probably be handled without the subselect, by using an OR Cust_InvcNum IS NULL AND othercondition in the join's ON but agree, we need to see some data. –  Michael Berkowski Dec 18 '12 at 16:13
Have you looked at the execution plan to see where the performance issue is? –  HABO Dec 18 '12 at 16:23
I added some data examples –  Pinu Dec 18 '12 at 19:28
I don't see how it works for you. You are joining Invoice table with Prefix table, so customer table is not joined with 'Invoice' table, there is no connection. You need to give sample data from both tables. –  Justin Dec 19 '12 at 8:39

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FROM Customer c 
             SELECT i.InvcNum, p.InvcPrefix + '-' + I.InvcNum AS pInvcNum 
             FROM Invoice i LEFT JOIN Prefix p ON i.DealrID = p.DealrID
             ) ip ON c.Cust_InvcNum = CASE WHEN c.Cust_InvcNum = ip.InvcNum 
                                           THEN ip.InvcNum 
                                           ELSE ip.pInvcNum END
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