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I would like my customer to drop a file in my bucket. Reading this document I understood that my customer will have an additional step of editing ACL of the file he loads before I can process the file. This is very inconvenient since I do not want to trouble my customer with overly technical matters. Is there a user friendly alternative?

For the time being I had to create a specific customer project, make a customer rep a team member with "edit" access to the project. This scenario had the unwanted side effect of granting default access to other services in the project. I had to go through the various services and find ways to limit the customer access.

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how about creating an AppEngine project that allows the user to upload a file? – jterrace Dec 18 '12 at 17:19

You can specify a default object ACL for your bucket to automate this process. Use the gsutil setdefacl command to do this.

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