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Would like to use a popup(jquery mobile) with content and make it fill the screen. Also with overlay.

Like this, scroll down to bottom, Overlay set to A button.


But I want the popup to fill almost the entire screen. This should act as a new page but be filled with ajax content, I will fix this later...

How can I do this?

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jQuery Mobile will not size a popup or dialog larger than needed to contain the rendered content. If you really want to fill the page, go with a new page. Consider transitioning to a new page with a pop transition instead.


You might also consider a dialog as it obscures the underlying page content


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Can I somehow load ajax to this new page, or will it do an ajax call on its own, if a page is supplied? In that case we could hava a aspx page to serve content. –  user1158040 Jan 15 '13 at 8:59

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