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I have used select tag in my code and I want to assign value to that dropdown dynamically but I want to assign that value other form options that are assigned to that select tag

For example, if I have:

<select id="city" name="city">
<option value"Solapur">Solapur</options>
<option value"Pune">Pune</options>
<option value"Delhi">Delhi</options>
<option value"Mumbai">Mumbai</options>

And with the help of jQuery I want to assign value to combo box other than just above four.

For ex. I want to assign city as "Kolhapur" which is not in options.

Is it possible via jQuery?

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Should the option get added to the combo box? – Ja͢ck Dec 18 '12 at 16:09

Just create a new option and insert it with one the many DOM insertion methods, depending on where you'd like to insert it :

var new_option = $('<option />', {value: 'Kolhapur', text: 'Kolhapur'});


or if you'd rather just change one of the existing options:

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Thanks adeneo..! – Akki Dec 18 '12 at 16:11

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