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This is my first time integrating Facebook. I have a site on CI, and so far I'm using mostly the JS SDK.

SO my question is - once a user has logged in with FB, how do you persist his identity and pic from page to page? Are you making a JS call for the info on to FB.api on every page? Or do you save info in a session variable via PHP. (Or another way?)

I'm not sure what common practice would be.

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Doesn't the Facebook JS SDK save the data in a cookie? – Jeemusu Dec 19 '12 at 2:16

I use tank auth to accomplish this. It is an authentication library for codeigniter that can be used for fb_login too

tere are a couple sample projects on github with tutorials and code. this looks interesting, as it provides support for many of the popular networks,

you could just start a session and put their facebook data in it. Each page view you could have a helper that just checks to see if they have any facebook session data set

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Yeah.. but I wanted to do it by hand to get a good feel for things so I could make educated opinions about libraries that I choose in the future. – K.K. Smith Dec 18 '12 at 16:27

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