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I'm using Youtube Javascript API, and I want to be able to increase or decrease the playback rate. Everytime I call getAvailablePlaybackRates() , I get [1] only. So when I try setting the playback rate to 2 for example it doesn't work. What should I do to be able to change the playback rate?


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The docs for getAvailablePlaybackRates():

The function returns an array of numbers ordered from slowest to fastest playback speed. Even if the player does not support variable playback speeds, the array should always contain at least one value (1).

The AS3 player does not support variable playback speeds, and not all flavors of the HTML5 video player do either. So I assume that's what you're seeing.

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Yes, I'm sorry I'm new at this.. how do I specify which player to use.. I mean how do I say I want to use the HTML5 player? – user1069624 Dec 18 '12 at 19:10
There's no supported parameter for forcing the HTML5 player. It's a runtime decision based on what the capabilities are of the current browser, and the default is currently AS3 (unless a cookie is set on the browser by opting in a – Jeff Posnick Dec 18 '12 at 20:06

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