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I configured BIND dns server to be responsible of resolving example.com. But, I need the server to forward all requests for the subdomains

(i.e. www.example.com, sub1.example.com ... etc.).

Currently, I need to define each subdomain, but this is infeasible. Any help will be appreciated.

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What, exactly, do you mean by "forward"? I.e. what records do you want a client to see when they query for for each of the possible types of records a client might typically query for? –  Greg A. Woods Dec 18 '12 at 20:27
Let's say I'll configure my DNS to resolve google.com. I don't wanna be forced to configure each an every subdomain of google.com in my zone file (i.e. video.google.com, mail.google.com ... etc.) I just want to define the main domain in my zone files, while not talking responsibility for all its subdomains, very much like any other domain. –  Hakem Zaied Dec 19 '12 at 12:22
The problem is that some types of records are amenable to being resolved with wildcard records, and others are not. The answer may also depend of course on what type of nameserver software you're using. You should get all your terminology straightened out so that your questions can have meaning within the context of how the DNS is populated with records of various types. It's not just as simple as I think you might be hoping for. –  Greg A. Woods Dec 20 '12 at 1:05

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