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How can I add new line to a dynamic text in Flash using AS3

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Use "\n" for a newline (or maybe <br /> if the textfield is htmltext). Make sure it is set to multiline though.

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Actually the problem is I am reading the text from XML file, example:

<str1>Well-trained legs \n polycarbonate blends</str1>
<str2>Secure his ski-glide</str2>

"\n" and "
" is not working so that the only solution that I found is passing the my text to this small function

function textMan(str:String):String{
return str.replace("\\n", "\n");}


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if you want the textfield to automatically go to multiple lines set wordWrap to true and define the tf width

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If you want to add a newline at the top of an HTML textfield, and the source text is in an XML file, try this:

TextField text with a newline at the top (normally discarded by Flash)]]>
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