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  1. Table1: customers

    cust_no | cust_credbal | cred_status

  2. Table2:customer_credittopup

    cust_no | trans_amount

I have the above two tables, I have written an update trigger after insert into the Table2 to update Table1. Thus the amount in Table1 cust_credbal is updated after adding cust_credbal in Tabl1 + the new value in trans_amount in Table2. How do i add an if statement after the update to check if cust_credbal is > than 20 then cred_status is is set to 'VALID' else 'EXHAUSTED'

My trigger showing this error: Error at line 8: PLS-00049: bad bind variable 'NEW.CUST_CREDITBAL'

CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER after_insert_credittopup
AFTER INSERT ON customer_credittopup
  credit number(11);
  UPDATE customers
     SET cust_creditbal=cust_creditbal +:new.trans_amount
   WHERE cust_no=:new.cust_no;

  SELECT Cust_creditbal INTO credit 
    FROM customers WHERE cust_no=:new.cust_no;

  IF(:new.cust_creditbal>0) THEN
    UPDATE customers
       SET Cust_credstatus='Valid'
     WHERE cust_no=:new.cust_no;
  end if;
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Which table has 'cust_creditbal' field ? If it's in customers, :new.cust_creditbal would make sense only inside the trigger on customers table. –  a1ex07 Dec 18 '12 at 17:45

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It seems that all you need here is just 1 update statement :

UPDATE customers
SET cust_creditbal=cust_creditbal +:new.trans_amount,
Cust_credstatus = CASE WHEN cust_creditbal +:new.trans_amount > 0 THEN 'Valid'
 ELSE 'Invalid' 
 --or if you don't want to change status in such case just put 
 --ELSE Cust_credstatus 
 WHERE cust_no=:new.cust_no;
 --SELECT Cust_creditbal INTO credit FROM customers WHERE cust_no=:new.cust_no;
 --IF(:new.cust_creditbal>0) THEN
 --UPDATE customers
 --SET Cust_credstatus='Valid'
 --WHERE cust_no=:new.cust_no;
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That worked like a charm for 2 conditions, what if i have 4 conditions such as cust_credbal is > 20 is valid, less than 0 overlimit, equal to zero is exhausted using else if –  Alphy Dec 18 '12 at 17:52
You can do it inside CASE : for instance WHEN cust_creditbal +:new.trans_amount >0 THEN 'Valid' WHEN cust_creditbal +:new.trans_amount <0 THEN 'Overlimit' ELSE 'Exhausted' END . –  a1ex07 Dec 18 '12 at 17:57

NEW.CUST_CREDITBAL does not match cust_credbal

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