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While working with D3, the following code can access the contents of the .csv file in firefox but not in IE9.

        d3.csv("cust_data.csv", function (csv) {})

cust_data.csv is in the same folder as the .html Can anyone suggest the reason for this. What can be done to access it in IE9?

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It would be useful to know what error you are getting. In the case it is given you some sort of permission/IO access error, I would assume the error is because you are not running it using a local web server. A description of how to run the python web server can be found here

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thanks for the clue. At the D3JS official site, they say for using IE9 with D3 a local web server should be used. It is working fine while running with localhost. Sorry,my bad. I should have checked the instructions on first. – user1842231 Dec 20 '12 at 9:34

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