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I need basically a Select view, but I would like something a bit more visually appealing. My hunch is that I can use a CollectionView to do this, but that I'll have to implement selection of elements within the collection myself. Is this a common practice? Is there a recommended way to do this? Are there any good examples?

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Assuming I'm reading this correctly you just want something that's prettier than your basic select list. I don't know your constraints, but I really like the bootstrap dropdowns for these types of things

Easy: Try and style your <select>'s to your liking

{{view Ember.Select 
    prompt="Choose ...."}}

If you go with Bootstrap, something like this should work

<div class="dropdown">
  <a class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown" href="#">Dropdown trigger</a>
  <ul class="dropdown-menu" role="menu" aria-labelledby="dLabel">
  {{#each App.content}}
      {{#view App.SelectView contentBinding="this"}}{{label}}{{/view}}


App.SelectView = Em.View.extend({
   tagName: 'li',
      App.set('selected', this.get('content'));
      // then hide the dropdown
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Actually I'm trying to build some miller columns, so a select isn't quite right. – awt Dec 19 '12 at 20:55

This link was recommended to me on #emberjs on Freenode:

It extends CollectionView to allow selecting items.

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