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I'm writing a sql query in access using iif statement in where clause, in which i need to check a form in access forms.

If it is true then i need to match or filter a column. The statement I have is:

 And IIf(isnull(forms![abc QC]!combo45),
         w.[swt Team Member]=forms![abc QC]!combo45)

now when I write this then it does not work. If i remove the statement and write:

w.[swt Team Member]=forms![abc QC]!combo45

then it works fine


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And IIf(isnull(forms![abc QC]!combo45) , TRUE, w.[swt Team Member]=forms![abc QC]!combo45)

The condition should be a boolean.

In your example, lets say combo45 is blank, the condition will be translated as

And null

which is not a boolean expression.

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