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Has anyone successfully installed Sybase OLEDB drivers and Sybase Central on a Windows 8 (64 bit) system? I've tried the installers on the Sybase website but they fail. Searches for "Windows 8" on the Sybase site and "Sybase Windows 8" on Google are bringing up nothing. We have a developer here who installed them on a Windows 7 system and then did an OS upgrade to Windows 8 so I know they will work. I would rather not uninstall Windows 8 and go that route if I can help it though.

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I have the exact same problem... manual install? – Simeon Jan 21 '13 at 12:29

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I managed to solve this! It seems like the actual GUI (written in Java) doesn't work in Windows 8, but there is a way to perform a console installation instead, which worked for me.

In the Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.5 PC Client installation CD (or whatever your source is), go to the folder pcclient32 (or 64) and run this command: setupConsole.exe -i Console

Follow the instructions there and install it into your Sybase folder (mine was c:\sybase).

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