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Rails 2.3.5

Below, I have a TicketMarket model where admins maintain 'market' names. This table is linked to a ticket table through an association table.

I need there to be a "validates_uniqueness_of" for the TicketMarket CRUD, but as it is below, it will cause validation errors when someone is creating a ticket and check some market checkboxes on the ticket form.

Everythign I've seen says the correct thing to do is to scope the validation based on the "ticket_id" field of the "ticket_market_associations" table:

validates_uniqueness_of :market_name, :case_sensitive => false, :scope => :ticket_id

However, that doesn't work. With that scope in place, working with the TicketMarket CRUD results in a "undefined method `ticket_id' for #TicketMarket:0x630bdf0" error.

Whats the right thing to do here so the validations only go off when working with the TicketMarket CRUD and not the Ticket CRUD?


class TicketMarket < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :ticket_market_associations
  has_many :tickets, :through => :ticket_market_associations

  validates_presence_of :market_name
  validates_uniqueness_of :market_name, :case_sensitive => false
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