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I'm planning to make a dynamic checkbox form which binds each POST to a specific bitwise value, and adventually counts the total ammount of bitwise numbers. I cant think of any good method. could anyone guide me?

<form method="post" action="test.php"/>

    $fields = array('writePost','readPost','deletePost','addUser',

    $perms = array(
        'writePost' => 1,
        'readPost' => 2,
        'deletePost' => 4,
        'addUser' => 8,
        'deleteUser' => 16

    $results = array();

     foreach($fields as $field)
          echo "<input type='checkbox' name='".$field."' value='".$field."' />";
          echo "<label for='".$field."'>".$field."</label>";
          echo "<br/>";


     foreach($_POST as $posts)
       $posts = $results;

          $total_key = 0;
          $array_key = 1;

          foreach ($perms as $key)

            if (!$key=='read')
              $array_key = $array_key*2;
              $array_key  = $array_key+$total_key;

            foreach ($posts as $perms)

              $array_key = $post;





<input type="text" name="name" value="name"/>
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="submit"/>
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Neither your description nor your code give us any idea what you're trying to accomplish here. –  Sammitch Dec 18 '12 at 19:20

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I think you want the values of your inputs to be the number instead of the field name:

echo "<input type='checkbox' name='nums[]' value='".$perms[$field]."' />";

After than you will want to start with the highest possible number and go backwards:

$n = sizeof($perms)-1;
$total = array_sum($_POST['nums']);
    $pow = pow(2, $i);
    if ($pow > $total)
        //$fields[$i] is checked

But really, you could just put the checked values into an array and check if they are set in PHP if you want a less confusing way to do it.

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