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Looking for a good example of autoconf and automake rules for building a project that uses protocol buffers, best way to add protoc to the build process?

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As far as the protobuf library goes, it uses pkg-config, so it's probably best to refer to it using PKG_CHECK_MODULES macro:

PKG_CHECK_MODULES(PROTOBUF, protobuf >= 2.4.0)

And check for protoc command in the path. Here's a very basic check that it's in the path:

AC_CHECK_PROG([PROTOC], [protoc], [protoc])
AS_IF([test "x${PROTOC}" == "x"],
    [AC_MSG_ERROR([ProtoBuf compiler "protoc" not found.])])

Alternatively, allow the user to specify a different protoc with either --with-protoc=/path/to/protoc or using environment variable PROTOC:

# ProtoBuf compiler.
# First, specify with --with-protoc=/path/of/protoc.
# Or, specify with env variable PROTOC.
# If neither of the above, find it in the path.
#AC_MSG_CHECKING([for ProtoBuf compiler protoc])
        [Location of the protocol buffers compiler protoc. Defaults to looking on path.])],
    [ AS_IF([test "x${PROTOC}" == "x"],
        [AC_PATH_PROG([PROTOC], [protoc], [no])])
AS_IF([test "${PROTOC}" == "no"], [AC_MSG_ERROR([ProtoBuf compiler "protoc" not found.])])


Add a rule to build the proto files:

%.pb.cc %.pb.h: %.proto
    $(PROTOC) --proto_path=$(srcdir) --cpp_out=$(builddir) $^

Specify protobuf source files with dist_noinst_DATA. This is necessary to ensure they get bundled in a source distribution .tar.gz file made with make dist.

dist_noinst_DATA = whatever.proto

(Note: for newer versions of autoconf/automake, it may be necessary to use @builddir@ instead of $(builddir).)

Specify generated files with nodist_ prefix and $(builddir) path:

nodist_myprog_SOURCES = $(builddir)/whatever.pb.cc $(builddir)/whatever.pb.h

And to clean them with make clean:

MOSTLYCLEANFILES = whatever.pb.cc whatever.pb.h

Use BUILT_SOURCES to handle dependency for built header files:

BUILT_SOURCES = whatever.pb.h

Your compiler flags may need to refer to the build directory to find the header file (to work in VPATH builds):

AM_CPPFLAGS += -I$(builddir)
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The AC_SUBST(PROTOBUF_*) are not needed if autoconf >= 0.24 as explained in section 3.2 of Autotools myths –  ecerulm Feb 11 at 12:08

This seems to work:


        [location of the protocol buffers libraries, defaults to /usr/lib])],


AC_CHECK_LIB([protobuf], [main], [], [AC_MSG_ERROR([cannot find protobuf library])])

        [location of the protoc protocol buffer compiler binary, defaults to protoc])],


%.pb.cc %.pb.h: %.proto
    $(PROTOC) --proto_path=$(dir $^) --cpp_out=$(dir $^) $^

And then add the .pb.cc files to SOURCES.

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Does that Makefile.am rule work with VPATH builds (e.g. mkdir build; cd build; ../configure; make)? The output files should probably go in $builddir rather than in $srcdir. –  Craig McQueen Aug 21 '13 at 1:33
With $(dir $^) in the Makefile.am rule, I get an error Makefile.am:11: dir $^: non-POSIX variable name; Makefile.am:11: (probably a GNU make extension). –  Craig McQueen Aug 21 '13 at 2:15

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