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I'm going to be dealing with large files (max of 2GB) that clients will use to upload raw images/long pdfs/etc. I've read online that PHP isn't the best solution but I can't have every single client download an FTP program, have me make a username/directory for them, and give them a password just to upload a file once.

What I am asking is what is a better, faster function to use, or does it not matter? ftp_get() or move_uploaded_file() ? Is there a better way I can accomplish this using PHP?

I was thinking since it's ftp that ftp_put would be faster and more viable, but i'm not really sure which is why I am asking this question.

Thanks for your input.

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This is not the same job.

First case, your user upload a file directly to your server, and then you process it using move_uploaded_file.

enter image description here

  • Pros: User does not require to previousely send a file on a ftp server.
  • Cons: You're directly involved with the user who generally have a slow connection, this require that you allow very long connection which is potentially dangerous.

Second case, your user upload a file to an FTP server, built for such uploads. Then, you'll download a file that is generally on a remote server with a good bandwidth and upload speed.

enter image description here

  • Pros: You don't need to configure your web server to handle very-long connections and very large inputs, better for security. Download will be generally faster, so the user will feel your services aren't that slow.
  • Cons: Your user require to send a file to a ftp, that's not very convenient for someone who don't even know what it is.

A better solution should be to provide both options, according to the size of the file.

enter image description here

And you put your FTP in the same server as the web's one, in such a way, you can access the file directly in the filesystem without ftp_get, this should be even faster.

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You will always have to use move_uploaded_file() after you have a file upload. This is to move the file from the temporary storage to wherever you want to store it (usually a uploads/ dir in your application's tree).

ftp_put() is to move that file again off site to another FTP server.

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