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I need hekp to create a Custom Form Field Type for a Input which looks like:

"float, float"

I store it as a string in the database but the form input MUST be "float, float"

I dont know how to make this, I tried to look into the documentation here: http://symfony.com/doc/2.0/cookbook/form/create_custom_field_type.html

but I did not solve it

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"float, float" is a string. do you mean you need to validate that the string contains two floats separated by a comma? If that's the case you'll just need to write your own validator and not worry about data transformers. –  MDrollette Dec 18 '12 at 22:13

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I think what you want rather than a custom field type is a custom validator in combination with a data transformer which transforms your string input prior to validation.

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