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I have a textfile that I need to read into matlab. I want to implement something like a java LinkedHashMap in Matlab using structures. my textfile is like this

3-1 33.33 37.58

3-1 66.67 20.47

3-2 33.33 41.64

3-2 66.67 24.42

I read the entire file into array [a,x,y] where a is a cell array containing 3-1 ad 3-2

I need the structure to have its field names as a(1) or a(2) but unfortunately matlab gives me error. The reason is that I need to check if for instance a(1) is already a structure field name I concat the values to the previous values; if not, make a new field name with the respected values. the code is:

[a,x,y]=textread('mytxt.txt', '%q%f%f','commentstyle','matlab');


for j=2:length(a)

    if isfield(s,a(1))==0



        temp = s.a(j);

        C = concat(1,temp,[x(j),y(j)];

        s.a(j) = C


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I'm confused by what exactly is the problem you're trying to solve. On what line is your error and what does it say? – jerad Dec 18 '12 at 20:41
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Presumably you want to have s as a structure with fields 3-1, 3-2, ..., 3-n. I also think you want to create using MATLAB's dynamic field names.

To access the fields dynamically through the cells in the cell-array a you need to do something similar to:

s.(a{j}) = [x(j), y(j)];

Make a note of the different uses of parentheses () and braces {}. The parentheses are for indicating dynamic field-names as in s.(str) where str is a character array. The braces are used to index into the cell array a as in a{j} gives the character array of the jth cell in a.

Finally, your proposed field-names (3-1, 3-2, ... etc) are not legal MATLAB field-names because of the hyphen '-' and they do not begin with a letter, [a-zA-Z]. So, you need to replace the hyphen with another character, for example an underscore and append a letter to the start of the proposed field-name.

  1. Replacing hyphen using strrep as in


  2. Appending a letter to the start of the field-name

    a=cellfun(@(str) ['a_' str],a,'uniformoutput',0)

This work can be done right after you finish reading the file into matrices a, x, and y

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