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I am using Application Owned Accounts to create a file. However, I would like the ownership of the file to be transfered to other users. The code below works but permission settings are ignored, so I am not the owner of the file. File ownership stays with the Application Owned Account, so files cannot be deleted permanently.

public File uploadEmptyFile(String title, String subFolderName, String mimetype) throws GDriveAccessException {
    File fileMetadata = new File();
    Permission newPermission = new Permission();


    if (subFolderName==null){
        fileMetadata.setParents(Arrays.asList(new ParentReference().setId(FOLDER_ID)));
        fileMetadata.setParents(Arrays.asList(new  ParentReference().setId(getFileIdByFolderNName(null,subFolderName))));

    File faux=null;
    try {
        faux= getDrive().files().insert(fileMetadata).execute();
        return faux;
    } catch (IOException e1) {
    throw new GDriveAccessException(e1);


Any help in identifying why the permission settings are being ignored would be welcome.

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You need to use permissions.insert as outlined in the sharing and permissions documentation.

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I am getting An error occurred: 500 { "code" : 500, "errors" : [ { "domain" : "global", "message" : "Internal Error", "reason" : "internalError" } ], "message" : "Internal Error" } could it be that the ownership is being transferred out of the domain? If so, there is no solution because the App Specific account is always – lanzalibre Dec 19 '12 at 9:54

Well, first, I found that the issue was that ownership cannot be changed on regular google apps accounts. You need to have a premium license to transfer file ownership.

Second, I found that what I actually neeeded was impersonation:

public static Drive getDrive() throws GDriveAccessException {
    if(drive == null) {
        HttpTransport httpTransport = new UrlFetchTransport();
        JacksonFactory jsonFactory = new JacksonFactory();
        GoogleCredential credential;
            credential = new GoogleCredential.Builder()
                  .setServiceAccountUser("")// Use this property for impersonation
      Drive service = new Drive.Builder(httpTransport, jsonFactory, null)
      return service;
    return drive;

It would be nice to have better documentation about this feature, Google.

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