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Working on an app using Struts2, Tomcat 7 and an oracle database. Right now I have it working with simple JDBC connection set up for each action but I would like to use connection pooling. I tried to follow the following tutorial since I could not find one specifically for Struts 2:

What additions/changes would be required to use this with Struts2? Can I just call doGet() and have it return a String to display corresponding webpage (like a typical execute method would)?

Or is there an alternative for managing db connections in a Struts2 app? (without using another framework such as Spring or Hibernate).

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Even if you could manage (with a big effort) your self-made connection pool directly,

usually Connection Pooling is performed by the Application Server in a transparent way.

You can configure your DataSource on your Tomcat or directly from your application, like described in this article.

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The database connectivity has nothing to do with Struts. The right way to do it is spelled out in the Tomcat docs.

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