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Does anyone have an idea how to integrate JQuery UI with the ZK framework (ZKOSS)? I have tried to build a new component from the Maven archetype but it does not seem obvious to me.

Does anyone know a tutorial or can anyone give me some ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Not sure why you were down-voted. Probably because you didn't ask a specific question and/or provided your code snippets. Please add any specific implementation that you have wrote for this to clarify. – kachhalimbu Dec 26 '12 at 3:00
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There are two ways to use JQuery UI widget in ZK

  1. Wrap it as a ZK component. Use ZK client-side API to convert your JQuery UI Widget as a ZK component Widget. That way you can handle it on client side as well as on server side. Refer to this article for more details

  2. Simply use it on the client-side with help of ZK client-side programming as described here

For more generic guidelines on using 3rd party Javascript libraries refer to this smalltalk

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