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I'm working on some code and trying to get the email address from linkedin. I have looked at there docs to confirm that they do support sending the email via api now.

I tried to add 'scope' => r_emailaddress. If I look in the raw section of the response I see email-address but this does not seem to be getting added ['auth']['info'] array as email so I have no standerdized way of always getting an email from all of my various providers.

I have also tried the following with out success.

  • $this->mapProfile($profile, 'email', '');
  • $this->mapProfile($profile, 'email', 'email-address');

Any thoughts?

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It ended up being this.

$this->mapProfile($profile, 'email-address', '');

You also need to add this to linkedinstrategy.php $defaults variable

'scope' => 'r_emailaddress'
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