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I am on a team trying to convert our Flash Application into HTML5 and Css, and I am running into a bug affecting WebKit and wanted some help trying to figure it out. The basic idea is that there is a table with a single cell with a background image and a background color and for whatever reason when the image is exactly the right size background-size: 100% 100% the image actually shrinks to reveal the background color. This also repeats if I use pixel values instead of % values.

Before anyone tells me to just use a div (since its only one cell anyway), this content is authored by other people who are using an existing tool to create a custom xml document that gives us tables and I have to get my solution to work on the pre-existing content we already have.

This is the fiddle which shows it and follows are image in various browsers:


Flash (Reference)

Flash (reference image)

Firefox (working)


Chrome (the image shrinks)


Safari (the image grows)


P.S. Ignore the height and font differences as those aren't in any way relevant to the problem.

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Why are you setting a width of 300px on the table and a width of 280px on the element? I think if you were to just set the width on the td element alone you would get a result similar to your flash reference –  arnehehe Dec 18 '12 at 22:15
The main reason is that the custom xml format we were using had that set, this html/css was auto-generated by server-side code. However if you remove the width from the table and set the td width to 290px you get the exact same problem jsfiddle.net/CEvnx/8. –  James J. Regan IV Dec 18 '12 at 22:22

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has to do with the table's border-width, if you set border-width at 2px or less the background sizes correct (in Chrome/Safari). Quite strange that Chrome shrinks and Safari grows. There must be some odd math or image resize logic in webkit and probably worth submitting a bug report.

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Yea, also if you change the size a little bit the same thing happens, so its definitely a bug, I was planning on submitting a bug report just wanted to know if anyone had a workaround. –  James J. Regan IV Dec 19 '12 at 3:30

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