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Currently I have two separate projects, but one of the projects depends on the the other. The first project is called Commons and is laid out similar to this. There are child projects to this project and everything gets deployed into Nexus correctly.




The second project is similar to the one above, but in the dependencies it's something close to


When I'm doing a Maven build for both of them I'm defining parentVersion, so something like

    mvn deploy -f pom.xml -DparentVersion=2.0.0

Yet, I'm receiving the following error when doing this on the first one:

Failed to read artifact descriptor for Commons.Commons:jar:2.0.0: Failure to find Commons.Commons:pom:${parentVersion} in Repository

So why does it appear it is getting the ${parentVersion} variable for Commons jar, but failing to find it when it's finding the POM version and just passing the variable and not the variables value?

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This is not possible. The project's own version needs to either be inherited or defined explicitly. You can only use this for your dependencies or plugins.

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The first one builds fine by passing in -DparentVersion. –  Heuristic Dec 18 '12 at 22:22
Actually even parts of the second project are building fine. It isn't until it tries to build one of the child projects that has a dependency on the Commons project. That's when it blows up because it's not getting the value for ${parentVersion} –  Heuristic Dec 18 '12 at 22:26
try using mvn:help-evaluate to see if it resolves the properties correctly.. and mvn:help-effective-pom to see how the full pom gets constructed. –  Niels Bech Nielsen Mar 31 '14 at 11:48

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