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Overall Description

I have a web service that:

  • Retrieves a dataset from our database
  • Uses JsonConvert.SerializeObject() to serialize the object and returns that data to a user's local application as a string

then my client's local application:

  • Uses JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<DataSet>() to convert the object back into a System.Data.DataSet

My problem

I have a Data Column that holds Varbinary data (Byte[]). This serialize/deserialize process ends up causing that column data type to be a String (I'm guessing base64).

Is there a way that when I deserialize the JSON object that it treats this column as a varbinary?

EDIT: In response to comments

My issue is that I generate a CREATE TABLE scripts based on the columns of my DataSet. When I iterate through the columns I need to specify what datatype each column will be in this new table I generate with SQL. For the columns that should be varbinary my DataColumn data type is String and is indistinguishable from actual string columns like 'Username'

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The only way JSON represents a byte[] is as a base64 encoded string. It should still deserialize into a byte[]. What is your issue? –  eulerfx Dec 18 '12 at 22:48

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As @eulerfx mentioned you can leave it that way. But if you absolutely need an array use a int[] instead of byte[]. I needed to present the array of numbers as an array of numbers in other contexts (UI) and this worked for me.

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