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I'm trying to write a query that will:

  • Run a query, give me (x) number of rows (limit 4)
  • If that query didn't give me the 4 I need, run a second query limit 4-(x) and exclude the ids from the first query
  • A third query that acts like the second

I have this:

(SELECT *, 1 as SORY_QUERY1 FROM xbamZ where state = 'Minnesota' and industry = 'Miscellaneous' and id != '229' limit 4) 
(SELECT *, 2 FROM xbamZ where state = 'Minnesota' limit 2) 
(SELECT *, 3 FROM xbamZ where industry = 'Miscellaneous' limit 1)

How (or is?) do I do that? Am I close? This query gives me duplicates

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Please have a go at formatting the SQL. –  Ed Heal Dec 18 '12 at 23:04

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I think there is no need for union and three selects. One will work as well

SELECT xbamZ.*,
  WHEN state = 'Minnesota' and industry = 'Miscellaneous' and id != '229' THEN 1
  WHEN state = 'Minnesota' THEN 2
  WHEN industry = 'Miscellaneous' THEN 3
END as rnk
FROM xbamZ 
where state = 'Minnesota' or industry = 'Miscellaneous' 
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Excellent! This is exactly what I am looking for. Will accept as soon as I can. –  user82302124 Dec 18 '12 at 23:09

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