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I've just recently given Adaptive Images a shot.

It seems to be working fine, except when converting transparent PNGs. I have an image that is just a curved white shape on a transparent background. When the image gets converted by Adaptive Images(which I believe uses GD Library for the conversion) the edge of the white shape gets a black border.

Below is a screenshot of the curved edge with the black border so you can see what I mean.

Original size 1920x63: http://i.imgur.com/Cc0hJ.png

enter image description here

I don't know much about GD Library or how it converts images, but I did do some searching around to see if it was something on my end. I don't think it is though.

I also found this similar post in regards to the same issue. However I tried editing Adaptive Images PHP to use the suggested answer by @WouterH but it didn't work. He suggested to create a transparent color and to fill $image with that color before the copy. The code is below:

$transparent = imagecolorallocatealpha($image, 0, 0, 0, 127);
imagefill($image, 0, 0, $transparent);
imagealphablending($image, true); 

In the adaptive-images.php file I found the following lines of code:

imagealphablending($dst, false);
$transparent = imagecolorallocatealpha($dst, 255, 255, 255, 127);
imagefilledrectangle($dst, 0, 0, $new_width, $new_height, $transparent);

This is where I made my changes. I tried numerous variations since I'm not sure what the correct order is, but for the most part tried adapting it to something along these lines:

$transparent = imagecolorallocatealpha($dst, 0, 0, 0, 127);
imagefill($image, 0, 0, $transparent);
imagealphablending($dst, true); 
imagefilledrectangle($dst, 0, 0, $new_width, $new_height, $transparent);

This didn't seem to make any difference. Depending on the different methods I tried I would either get a black fill for anywhere that was previously transparent, or the same problem would remain (black outline).

Hopefully someone can help me figure this one out... Thanks in advance!

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IMHO this is the same problem described here: "What you have is not a true-color PNG with alpha channel, but an indexed-color PNG with a transparent color." PHP GD resizing transparent image giving black border

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I have trouble believing that it has to do with how I saved the file from Photoshop. I save as PNG-24, transparency is checked. It's as simple as that. I just don't understand how no on else aside from this guy and this guy have experienced these problems. And neither of these threads offer a working solution... –  norsewulf Dec 21 '12 at 18:48

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