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Please bare with me on this post; I know it is long, I just wanted to give all the information as I can up front to make it easier.

I have been working on setting up Arch Linux on my computer to dual boot with Mac. I have a Summer 2011 15" Macbook Pro Aluminum Unibody with a quad core Intel i7.

I have set up dual booting correctly before, but since Mountain Lion and the new arch install, I had not tried it again until now.

So, now the problem. I have run through all the procedures in the instructions in the Arch Wiki and gotten to updating partition table with rEFIt. When I start the partitioning tool, this is the output I receive.

Starting gptsync.efi

Current GPT Partition Table: 

Current MGR Partition Table: 
Error: Not Found returned from gptsync.efi

* Hit any key to continue *

Earlier, I tried installing gptsync from the aur and running it myself on /dev/sda and it returned that there was an unknown MBR partition table, if I remember correctly.

Everything that I have found on this topic either does not provide instructions on how to solve it, or the instructions are unclear, so sorry if this is a duplicate, but I still have yet to solve the problem with the information I have gathered.

Another last couple of notes. I have included below a description of my partition table. I specifically made some partitions logical so as to avoid going over the 4 Primary partition in the MBR from what I have read. EFI, Mac, Recovery, and Root are the only primary partitions.

Part #     Size          Partition Type               Partition Name
           3.0 KiB       free space
1          200.0 Mib     EFI System                   EFI System Partition
2          97.2 GiB      Apple HFS/HFS+               Mac
3          619.9 Mib     Apple boot                   Recovery HD
           564.0 KiB     free space                   
4          9.9 GiB       Microsoft basic data         root
5          94.1 GiB      Microsoft basic data         home
6          501.2 GiB     Microsoft basic data         Shared
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I am facing the same issues too :( –  Salil Mar 12 '13 at 14:40

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