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I am currently working on a unix shell c. My problem is the pipe, I have traveled many forums and I can not solve it. I go through a temporary file.

Thank you in advance.

Code here :

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Did you have a question? – melpomene Dec 19 '12 at 0:02

You want to look at "man 2 pipe", "man 2 dup2" and "man 3 popen". The first two are what you need, the last is a sub-set of what you are trying to build but should give ideas.

Basic steps
- fork
- create the pipe
- fork again
* on one side of the fork, close stdout (1) and dup2 the pipe output to 1
* on the other side of the fork, close stdin (0) and dup2 pipe input to 0
* on both sides, close the original pipe descriptors
- on each side of the fork, exec the correct programs.

Been a while, but that is what I remember.

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