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I am building an Android project using Eclipse and native code. 95% of the time this works fine, but every now and then it decides to give me the following error:

make: [libs/armeabi/libnative.so] Error 1

make: Deleting file `libs/armeabi/libnative.so'

Libnative being the native library I am creating. Sometimes running the build again works fine, other times it just fails again and again. OTHER times it works for days.

What is this and how do I stop it from happening?

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If anyone has the same problem try deleting the .so file from your repository and commit that change. I do not know why, but it worked for me.

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If this is only happening when generating your APK, try disabling 'Build Automatically' when exporting. See my question here.

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This issue can be fixed by these steps:

  • clean project in eclipse
  • run ndk-build clean
  • run ndk-build
  • If it can't work, try delete *.so in libs folder and delete obj folder, then run above steps.

Hope this can help for others.

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