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It is easy in iOS to get the number of bytes in a loaded .wav file:

UInt64 dataSize = 0;  // dataSize
UInt32 ps = sizeof(UInt64); // property size
if( AudioFileGetProperty(fileId, kAudioFilePropertyAudioDataByteCount, &ps, &dataSize) )
  puts( "error retriving data chunk size" );
return dataSize ;

But in the documentation I cannot seem to find any information on how to determine the sampling rate of a PCM wave file.

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I found the answer using AudioStreamBasicDescription. All you have to do is:

UInt32 getAudioDataSamplingRate( AudioFileID fileId )
  AudioStreamBasicDescription bsd;
  UInt32 ps = sizeof(AudioStreamBasicDescription) ;
  if( AudioFileGetProperty(fileId, 
      kAudioFilePropertyDataFormat, &ps, &bsd) )
    puts( "error retriving af basic description" );
  return bsd.mSampleRate ;
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