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I have setup Kohana models with relationships define (1:* and : using through) but wanted to know the best way to use them in WHERE statements.

Example: I have a User model and a Post model. Post has a foreign key (userID) to User

I have setup a $_has_many relationship on the User model with an alias user_created

I know I can use the actual field userID, but I want to be able to do something like this

$user->where('user_created', 'IS', NULL);

This would also be handy for checking whether a many-to-many with something like this

'm2m_relation_count', '>', 0

Is this possible? Thanks!

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You can do this with the ORM in Kohana in the following way.


This will result in all Posts the User created.

If you want to check if the User has created posts you just use the same function and do a count() on the result and check if it is greater than 0.

I don't think you can use the alias in a where clause itself. You have to call it from the ORM object.

Many-to-many relations work the same way.

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1) There is no quick method to get all users without posts. Id prefer to add special column post_count and increment it after posting.

2) You can check user for m:m relationship with has()/has_any() methods:

if ($user->has('roles')) { 
    // user has at least one role

if ($user->has('roles', $roleId) {
    // user has role with id=$roleId

if ($user->has('roles', array($roleId1, $roleId2))) {
    // user has both $roleId and $roleId2 roles

if ($user->has_any('roles', array($roleId1, $roleId2))) {
    // user has on of the $roleId1 or $roleId2
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