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This is the code I'm trying.

require 'zlib'
Dir.glob('*.*').each do |file|
  Zlib::GzipWriter.open('output.gz') do |gz|
    gz.mtime = File.mtime(file)
    gz.orig_name = File.basename(file)
    gz.write IO.binread(file)

I've tried different variations of this. There doesn't seem to be a howto for "multiple files" online. I keep ending up with the first file name in the ouput.gz, and I think it may have the content of the last file from the directory (not sure). But that's besides the point. I just want to put each file as separate entities in a compressed file. The more cross platform compatible it is the better.

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See this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/2322921/… –  Eric Walker Dec 19 '12 at 2:51

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First off, that will keep overwriting output.gz, leaving it containing only the last file compressed.

Second, the gzip format does not hold multiple files. It only holds one. You need to use the .tar.gz or .zip format. .zip is more "cross platform compatible". Take a look at rubyzip.

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