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iOS, Android, and even BlackBerry allow you to specify an icon that is displayed when you bookmark a page to the device's homescreen. And now Windows 8 allows you to specify an icon that appears when a page is pinned to the start screen as follows:

<meta name="msapplication-TileImage" content="logo144.png"/>

However, this doesn't seem to apply to Windows Phone 8. Is that correct? Is there some other way in WP8 to specify an icon to be used (instead of a screenshot) that my Google ninja skills have failed uncover?

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Have you found an solution, or is the answer of Pete the best option at the moment. Thanks in Advance for sharing. –  winner_joiner Jan 24 at 22:38
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Unfortunately, Windows Phone will only pin a screenshot of the current browser window when you click "pin to start". There are ways around this and I have an example with code that displays a custom image and asks users to pin while the image is displayed. With all work-arounds, this has issues since the user has to trigger the image and then use the browser's pinning function. But it is working pretty well.

Link to the example code http://cdpn.io/jlEur

If I were you, before making this code go live, I would at least use a cookie to see if you have prompted the user with the "pin" already.

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According to the website Webmonkey:

"While IE 10 for Windows Phone 8 is very close to feature parity with the desktop/tablet release, there are a few things web developers need to be aware of. Here’s Microsoft’s full list of things IE 10 can do on the desktop but not on phones:

Windows 8 integration features: Link previews, pinned site icons & notifications and support for connecting sites to apps"

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Hacky, but clever ;) –  Adam Plocher Nov 27 '13 at 17:42
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