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I had a table which initially was to have two columns, both evenly sized at 50% width of the table.

This was accomplished with the following:

.catPagesTbl td {width: 50%;}

My needs with the table have changed as such that the table can have anywhere from 2 to many columns.

I still need to evenly space them, however many there are, and I don't want to include a style tag or css class in any of the tags themselves.

Is there any way I could accomplish this?

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Some ideas here: HTML table: keep the same width for columns.

Alternatively, if "many" is relatively small, you could define styles for each column layout:

table.twoCol td {
  width: 50%;
table.threeCol td {
  width: 33%;
table.fourCol td {
  width: 25%;

Then just include the appropriate class on the table.

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Thanks - the "many" is relatively small so I just implemented your idea. –  robarwebservices Dec 19 '12 at 1:19

You could also look at using the datatables jQuery library -http://datatables.net/ It provides a number of ways to style the resulting table, such as styling per column. Levi Stanley's approach is also a good idea.

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