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I'm using some animation and wanting to call a method after the animation completes. If I set the method like so, all is fine. But how should I set the selector if I want to pass in a parameter?:

UIView.SetAnimationDidStopSelector (new Selector("EndItAll"));


public void EndItAll(string myValue)

If it's easier to do it with block animation I'd be happy to use that too.


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What you try to achieve? Can you store parameter as local variable?

Or you can use block animation with closure:

var myValue = "someValue";
UIView.Animate (
    () => /* your animation code */,
    () => Console.WriteLine (myValue)
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You are exactly right! That makes it far easier than the old method. Thanks Alexey. – Glinkot Dec 19 '12 at 11:57

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