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I'm trying to match between 2 different images using sift, What i want to do is to write a text (number) on the image.

hold on;
cols1 = size(im1,2);
for i = 1:1: size(des1,1)
  if (match(i) > 0)
    line([loc1(i,2) loc2(match(i),2)+cols1], [loc1(i,1) loc2(match(i),1)], 'Color', 'b');
    s = int2str(i);
    text (loc1(1,2), loc2(match(1),2)+cols1,s,...

hold off;

I'm getting an error Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals. at text (loc1(1,2), loc2(match(1),2)+cols1,s,...

I can't figure out what is wrong!

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match(1) in that line may be zero (or at least not an positive integer). I note that you check match(i), but not match(1). Do you mean to use match(i)? That is,

text (loc1(1,2), loc2(match(i),2)+cols1,s,...
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Perhaps you also want to use loc(i,2) for the horizontal coordinate? –  Ramashalanka Dec 19 '12 at 2:18
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